Cataract Treatment

cataract treatment

Treatment for Cataracts in Oviedo, Florida

While most people will develop cataracts sometime in their life, you may be surprised by your cataract diagnosis. Your optometrist may be able to spot growing cataracts in your eyes before you notice any symptoms. Finding out you have cataracts isn’t the gloomy proposition it once was. Your vision can remain normal for many years with the right preventive treatment, and we have many ways of caring for the problem, even once it seriously affects your life.

What are Cataracts?

Your eye has a crystalline lens at the front, through which light passes. This lens is made up of water and proteins. Sometimes the proteins begin to break down, and they begin to clump together and stick to the surface of the lens. Once this begins to happen, an eye doctor can spot growing cataracts during your regular eye exam. You may not notice any difference in your eyesight at first, and cataracts never progress in some patients. Eventually, you may begin to notice symptoms. Your eyesight can look yellowed or brown, or it may appear foggy, like looking through a sheer curtain. It may take years to progress and you may live a normal life for a long time before needing surgical treatment.

Cataract Surgery

At Trinity Eye Associates, our doctors can evaluate for the presence and severity of cataracts. We are also able to provide post-operative care in our office for our patient’s comfort and convenience. If you have a hard time driving, working, or doing your daily chores, it’s time to schedule a cataract surgical procedure. Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed procedure in the country, and you’ll be in and out of the building in less than a day. Your eyes will be numbed and stabilized with a series of eye drops administered over the course of an hour or so. Once your eyes are prepared, your eyelids will be fitted with a device to hold them open, and the doctor will create a small slit on the surface of the eye. The doctor will remove your cloudy lens through this slit and replace it with an artificial lens, known as an intraocular lens.

Recovery After Cataract Surgery

The week after surgery is the most important time in terms of recovery. Most of the healing happens then, and the most serious damage can be done if you don’t care for your eyes in the correct way. Pay attention to your doctor’s instructions, including:

  • Don’t bend over for the first three days. This puts added strain on the healing incision on your eyeball and can cause it to come open

  • Use the eye drops and any other medication you’re given, and follow the directions exactly

  • Cover your eye with the eye patch you receive for the first two nights. This prevents you from scratching or rubbing your eye in your sleep

  • Avoid lifting over 10 pounds for at least two weeks, to avoid putting pressure on the incision

For questions about cataracts or for all other eye care needs, call Trinity Eye Associates at (407) 678-9151. We’re happy to help patients in the greater Oviedo, Florida area.

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