Preparing for your upcoming Eye exam

Confirm your appointment

Responding to texts and emails sent from our team helps us know you will be attending your appointment. This allows our team to start preparations to make sure your visit will be smooth, thorough, and efficient.

Complete Your Forms

When your most updated medical history, medication lists, and eye history are available for the doctor she/he will be able to better serve your visual needs and detect and prevent conditions earlier. Our electronic forms allow you to complete all your forms in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, while you gather any information you may need such as insurance cards and medication lists.


Provide Us with Your Medical Insurance and Vision Plan before your visit

When you provide all your coverage before your visit, our team is able to verify and authorize your benefits in advance and can communicate with you before you come to our office about expected copays and resolve any issues before you arrive at our office. This means no time sitting around while we verify your benefits with your insurance company before you go back to see the doctor.

What should you bring for your visit?

Bring all your glasses (Everyday glasses, occupational or computer glasses, prescription sunglasses): We can read the prescription on your current glasses and let you know if there are any changes compared to the prescription we find during your visit. It is important for those who wear contact lenses to have their glasses available to move about the office once the contact lenses are removed for examination. Having your glasses with you also allows our frame and lens experts to make recommendations for frame style, fit, and lens improvements for your new glasses.

Bring information about your contact lenses and your cleaning solutions: Taking pictures of the brand and power of your lenses is helpful during your visit; especially if you are looking to change or if you love your current type of lenses and it is your first time at our office.

Trying Contact Lenses for the first time?

Make sure you let our team know when scheduling your appointment that you are trying contact lenses for the first time. We want to make sure we allow enough time for your visit to answer all your questions and trial contact lenses. Although you will receive one-on-one training with a patient care technician, we would like you to watch these videos to better prepare you for your training:

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