Hard to Fit Contacts

Oviedo Optometrist Discusses Hard-to-Fit Contacts

Contact lenses are an excellent solution for a variety of vision problems but wearing contact lenses is not always easy or comfortable. Certain eye conditions can make it challenging to find contact lenses that fit properly. If you have tried contact lenses and found them to be difficult or uncomfortable, your eyes may be “hard to fit.” An optometrist may have even told you that you are not a good candidate for contact. Fortunately, our optometrist at Trinity Eye Associates​​​​​​​ in Oviedo, FL can help you find a solution for your hard-to-fit contacts.

While convenient and comfortable for most, contact lenses are not an easy solution for every person suffering from vision problems. Some eye conditions make wearing contacts a difficult proposition. However, it does not rule out wearing contact lenses altogether. It just means patients need to discuss options with their eye care provider and obtain specialized hard-to-fit contacts for their specific vision problems.

Reasons for Hard-to-Fit Contacts

Several eye conditions can affect the fit and comfort of contact lenses, including:

  • Astigmatism – a bulge at the front of the eye that prevents contacts from conforming to the shape of the eye

  • Dry eyes – contact lenses worsen dry eyes by making it feel like there is a foreign object in the eye

  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) – protein accumulating on contacts can worsen GPC, which is inflammation on the inner surface of the eye

  • Keratoconus – cone-shaped bulge at the front of the eye prevents contacts from conforming to the shape of the eye

  • Presbyopia – difficulty focusing on close-up objects, such as reading material

Fortunately, our optometrist may be able to fit you with custom-fit lenses even if you suffer from a condition that prevented you from wearing contacts in the past.

Hard to Fit Contacts at your Oviedo, FL Optometrist

Depending on what condition you may have, there is a variety of solutions for hard-to-fit contacts. Our Oviedo optometrist can help you determine which hard-to-fit contact solution is right for you.

Gas-permeable lenses can provide good vision to patients with GPC or keratoconus. Gas permeable (GP) lenses limit protein accumulation to reduce symptoms. Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses can control bulging in cases of keratoconus.

Toric lenses correct astigmatism. Most lenses rotate on the eye; toric lenses stay stationary on the eye so that specific areas on the lens remained positioned over particular locations of the eye.

Bifocal and multifocal lenses correct presbyopia for better close-up vision as well as provide a clear faraway vision for driving and other long-distance vision tasks.

Medicated eye drops can optimize the benefits of hard-to-fit contacts. This is especially true in cases of dry eyes, where lubrication makes wearing lenses more comfortable. Medicated eye drops can also alleviate symptoms of GPC by flushing out proteins and reducing inflammation.

To find out if hard-to-fit contacts are right for you, make an appointment with Trinity Eye Associates by calling (407) 678-9151.

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