Glaucoma Treatment

glaucoma treatment

Treating Glaucoma at Trinity Eye Associates in Oviedo, FL

Visiting an eye doctor on a regular basis plays a key role in making decisions about your visual health. Your eyes are a key part of your perception of the world. Changes to your vision in Oviedo, Florida require an evaluation and appropriate treatment. In certain situations, an optometrist identifies glaucoma as the underlying cause of changes to your vision and develops an appropriate treatment strategy.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma refers to a disease in your eyes. Essentially, it causes pressure build-up in your eyes and puts excess pressure on the optic nerve. Over time, the pressure causes damage and eventual loss of vision. When untreated, the damage to your eyes persists and increases until you lose your vision.

Eye disease is the second leading cause of blindness, so early detection and treatment are essential. When damage occurs to your optic nerve, it is irreversible and you lose your vision or your vision worsens as a direct result of the damage.

Identifying the Problem During an Eye Exam

When you visit Trinity Eye Associates​​​​​​​ in Oviedo, FL for an eye exam, we evaluate the pressure in your eyes and check for common visual health concerns. A simple pressure test evaluates the potential risk of glaucoma and allows us to check for more complex problems when we notice excess pressure.

During the eye exam, our optometrist uses advanced technology to measure your eye pressure quickly, accurately, and more painlessly than the “air puff test” which some other eye doctors might use. Although each person has different needs and concerns in relation to their health, we provide more extensive evaluations if the pressure exceeds a healthy figure. Generally, we look more extensively at your risk when the amount of pressure exceeds a normal level. Normal levels fall between 12 and 22 mm Hg. We also check for more complex concerns when you show other signs and symptoms of glaucoma because a lower level of pressure does not necessarily eliminate the risk of developing eye disease.

Treatment Options for Glaucoma in Oviedo, Florida

Early detection is the key to addressing eye disease in Oviedo, Florida. By identifying the problem early, you obtain treatment solutions to help reduce the risk of damage to the optic nerve. Our office has imaging technology that allows us to screen and sometimes detect Glaucoma 3-5 years before any vision loss occurs.

Treatment options depend on the severity of the condition and the current damage to your eyes. The early treatment uses medication through eye drops or oral medications to reduce the pressure in your eyes. The eye drops work immediately after dropping the medication into your eyes. Oral medications are usually recommended when eye drops do not work effectively or you need more medication for the appropriate effect.

Surgical procedures are the last resort when other treatments do not work. We only recommend surgery when other treatments fail or when the condition continues progressing and possible complications with your visual health develop.

Glaucoma is a condition that requires early detection and treatment to prevent damage to your eyes. As a general rule, we recommend visiting an eye doctor at least once per year. Pregnant women or individuals with a risk of eye health conditions may need more regular visits. Consider a visit to Trinity Eye Associates​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ in Oviedo, FL if you notice changes to your vision. For more treatment information, contact us today at (407) 678-9151.

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