Pediatric Optometry

Understanding The Importance Of Pediatric Optometry in Oviedo, FL

Many people start to notice vision decline in their childhood years. Left uncorrected, vision difficulties can negatively impact a child’s school success and social life. Even more worryingly, vision problems sometimes act as a warning sign for developing health conditions. Without pediatric optometry screenings, the condition could advance and cause additional complications. For those reasons, pediatric eye exams need to remain a vital part of each child’s yearly medical care.

Exam Benefits

Pediatric eye exams need to be completed on a yearly basis. The structure and condition of the eyes can rapidly change, especially during periods of quick childhood growth. The eye exam allows optometrists to create a baseline of health and vision capabilities for the child. Future exam results will be compared with prior records to determine the total rate of change for the pediatric patient. If vision decline is occurring, optometrists can attempt to slow, halt or reverse the changes to limit the prescriptive correction the child needs.

Early diagnosis and treatment are keys to keeping pediatric health conditions from raging out of control. At the eye exam, optometrists check the anatomy and condition of each eye to determine if the young patient is exhibiting signs of a medical condition. If so, optometrists work with the child’s pediatrician to fully control symptoms and treat the diagnosed condition.

Educational Success

Children experience so many barriers to learning, so taking vision difficulties out of the equation is incredibly beneficial. When kids can confidently see across the entire classroom, it is much easier to complete coursework with a high rate of success. Kids with clear, optimal vision, even with corrective lenses, experience less frustration and delays than students who suffer from blurry vision. Students with adequate vision capabilities are also less likely to feel distracted while working on their studies.

Ongoing pediatric eye care can prevent daily headaches and eyestrain that also impede the student’s ability to excel in school. Eye doctors will make sure that kids can see static and moving objects without squinting or tilting their heads. Kids with regular eye care do not have to struggle to read the board or sit at the front of the room at all times to participate in class.

Social Improvements

Astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and amblyopia, or lazy eye, can completely destroy a child’s confidence at any age. Without a confident demeanor, children often struggle to maintain close friendships. Confidence may drop even further as vision decline decreases the child’s ability to visually process information. Struggling to read or complete math problems can widen the divide felt by peers.

Scheduling Pediatric Optometry Appointments in Oviedo, FL

To help children maintain excellent eye health and vision capabilities, parents can contact Trinity Eye Associates​​​​​​​ in Oviedo, FL to set up an appointment. At the initial appointment, optometrists will help children and their parents create a care plan to follow for life. Unless vision continues to decline, or symptoms of a health problem appear, most children only need to see their eye doctor annually. To schedule, an appointment calls us today at (407) 678-9151.

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