Macular degeneration

Macular Degeneration and Treatment Solutions in Oviedo

Visiting an eye doctor in Oviedo, Florida provides the opportunity to check on your vision and the health of your eyes. When you notice sudden changes to your vision or your eyes continually worsen over time, it may relate to certain eye conditions. An optometrist at Trinity Eye Associates evaluates the situation during an exam and provides appropriate treatment solutions based on your needs and situations. In some cases, we identify the underlying problem as macular degeneration and focus on protecting your vision.

What is Macular Degeneration?

Macular degeneration refers to damage or a gradual break down of the macula in the eyes. It is a primary cause of vision loss, particularly among older men and women.

It occurs in two different types: dry and wet macular degeneration. The most common form of the condition is dry macular degeneration, which occurs when drusen, or yellow deposits, develop in the macula. Over time, the drusen grow in size and number until it distorts and changes your vision. Wet macular degeneration occurs when blood vessels grow under the retina and then leak fluid into the macula.

In both situations, the damage to the macula results in a gradual loss of vision. During an eye exam, an optometrist at Trinity Eye Associates evaluates and checks your eyes to identify the cause of vision loss and provide appropriate treatment.

Treatments for Macular Degeneration in Oviedo, Florida

Treating the condition does not actually cure the condition; instead, it slows and stops the progression of the disease so your vision does not worsen further. Since the goal of treatment is preventing further damage to the macula, you want to identify and start a treatment plan at an early stage. Early intervention protects your vision and allows you to move forward with your goals. New technology available at our office provides 3D imaging of the retina. This allows us to visualize changes in deeper layers of your eye before they are visible with traditional imaging.

Medication is a key part of the treatment process. We use appropriate anti-angiogenic medications to prevent fluid leakage associated with wet macular degeneration. We also use laser treatments and recommend appropriate change to dietary habits, which may include adding certain vitamin supplements to a diet plan, to further slow the progression of the condition.

Early Intervention and Exams at Trinity Eye Associates in Oviedo

A regular eye exam helps catch the problem early and ensure that your treatment process starts before the condition worsens and you have major changes to your vision. Even though the condition is most commonly associated with older men and women, it can occur at different ages and you want to discuss any changes to your vision with an eye doctor. At our clinic, we evaluate the risks and take measures to check for health conditions that contribute to the loss of vision, including different types of macular degeneration.

Alterations and changes to your vision do not always relate to natural aging processes. The underlying cause of the problem can stem from different problems in the macula or the retina. At our clinic, we suggest regular visits to an eye doctor in Oviedo, Florida to prevent damage to your eyes and protect your vision. To learn more about treatment options for macular degeneration or to set up an appointment with an optometrist for an exam, contact Trinity Eye Associates​​​​​​​ today at (407) 678-9151.

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