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Get Your Contact Lens Exam at Trinity Eye Associates in Oviedo, FL

At Trinity Eye Associates in Oviedo, FL we have made it our business to offer you the best in eye care services. For general eye exams in Lasik, our clinic offers a full range of services, making us the go-to eye clinic for your whole family. If you would like to purchase contact lenses in addition to your prescription glasses, Dr. Jill Ellison and Dr. Don Ellison can help you.

Eye Exam and Contact Lens Exam: What's the Difference?

An evaluation for contact lenses is separate from a routine eye exam. Our comprehensive eye exam is directed at assessing the health of your eyes as well as early detection for common diseases, such as glaucoma, and noticing the signs of general medical conditions like diabetes. Regardless if you need corrective lenses or not, a routine and thorough eye exam is an integral element to maintaining overall health.

The contact lens exam at Trinity Eye Associates in Oviedo, FL is performed in conjunction with a comprehensive eye exam. During this exam, your optometrist conducts a number of tests: to figure out the precise size and shape of your eye and measure the tear film to determine if contact lenses are the right choice for you. The refractive error of your eye is also assessed. This evaluation determines whether you require correction for near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism.

The outcome of these tests allows your doctor to write your contact lens prescription. Note that an exam for eyeglasses is uniquely separate from a contact lens exam. If you would like to purchase both eyeglasses and contact lenses, you will need to be evaluated for both.

Contacts Lenses at Trinity Eye Associates in Oviedo, FL

Once you and your doctor have determined that corrective contact lenses are a good option for your vision problem, you can decide which type of lenses you prefer. Trinity Eye Associates offers a wide selection of contact lenses to suit your needs. Call us at (407) 678-9151 to schedule your comprehensive eye exam or contact lens exam.

Corrective Lenses

Our corrective lens options are chosen based on your lifestyle, preexisting conditions, and comfort. Also, you can talk to your doctor to determine whether you require daily disposables, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly lenses. You can select from either soft or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses. For patients with special eye conditions, bifocal contact lenses are also available.

Cosmetic Lens

If you are a fashion-forward patient looking to change up your eye color, you have come to the right place. At Trinity Eye Associates, Dr. Jill and Dr. Don also offer cosmetic lenses to alter your natural eye color. For patients with eye color variations or irregularities, we also have custom contact lenses available. Whether you need contact lenses to correct a vision problem or to simply give your eyes a fresh new look, we are happy to help.

Contact our Oviedo, FL clinic at (407) 678-9151 for your personalized contact lens exam.

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